Bradford County Health Facilities Authority

The Bradford County Health Facilities Authority has not met since 1996 when $6,500,000 in Health Facilities Revenue Bonds, Series 1996, was issued for Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, Inc. Project.

  1. The full legal name of the special district:  Bradford County Health Facilities Authority
  2. The public purpose of the special district:  To assist health facilities in the acquisition, construction, financing and refinancing of health related facilities within the geographical limits of Bradford County.
  3. The name, address, e-mail address, and, if applicable, the term and appointing authority for each member of the governing body of the special district:  The Board of County Commissioners of Bradford County shall designate members of the Authority (click here for contact information).
  4. Fiscal year of the special district:  Is the same as the County's, October 1, through September 30.
  5. The full text of the special district's charter, the date of establishment, the establishing entity, and the statute or statutes under which the special district operates, if different from the statute or statutes under which the special district was established:  The Authority was created December 6, 1982 pursuant to Resolution No. 1982-16 with statutory authority under Part III of Chapter 154, Florida Statutes.
  6. The mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number and Internet website URL for the special district:  P.O. Drawer B, Starke, FL  32091,, (904) 966-6280,
  7. A description of the boundaries or service area of, and the services provided by the special district:  Geographical limits of Bradford County.  See Public Purpose, #2 above.
  8.  A listing of all taxes, fees, assessments, or charges imposed and collected by the special district, including the rates or amounts for the fiscal year and the statutory authority for the levy of the tax, fee, assessment, or charge.  For the purposes of this subparagraph, charges do no include patient charges by a hospital or other health care provided:  None.
  9. The primary contact information for the special district for purposes of communication from the department:  Ray Norman, P.O. Drawer B, Starke, FL  32091, (904) 966-6280,
  10. A code of ethics adopted by the special district, if applicable, and a hyperlink to generally applicable ethics provisions:  Not applicable.
  11. The budget of the special district, in addition to amendments in accordance with F.S. 189.016:  No budget.
  12. The final, complete audit report for the most recent completed fiscal year, and audit reports required by law or authorized by the governing body of the special district:  Not applicable.




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